The Project

This project was born out of a vector I was playing with for practice. I was using a respirator at work quite a bit when i decided to recreate one as an exercise in Illustrator. I quickly realized this idea could make a strong starting point for A full brand identity and ended up creating this product.

The Logo

The logo for this project is actually what inspired the entire concept. The respirator led to the idea to do create an identity for a testing and abatement company. Seen above is the fullest version, but I created 3 to fill specific needs for the visual language. The bracket free mask is mostly used to create larger graphics, while the bracketed icon serves as the more traditional logo. Finally the wordmark is used as the fullest Representation of the brand.

Colors & Type

I kept this one super simple. 2 colors and one simple reliable typeface. I knew a dark color was a must for uniforms that get dirty, and the golden yellow pairs nicely with the blue I chose.


As a testing and Abatement company A van is the easiest way to move small equipment and manpower. From there respirators and masks were the obvious next item to include. then came the uniforms and finally the more traditional deliverables you'd see in a branding package.