The Project

This project is the result of me revisiting a project i did in college. We were tasked with creating a wordmark for the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority. I took the original wordmark and built out a simple identity that could replace what they have out there right now.

The Logo

This is probably my most efficiently made logo to this point in my career. I italicized the main lettering. the shape replacing the A was made to look like a road disappearing around a hill. YOu gotta love a Simple Solution.

A bit more bold

I was inspired to create a pattern to spice up the product by a pair of pants. A pair of pats that is synonymous with the Bills Mafia which is striped red, white, and blue. One can see the pants at any bills game.

Colors & Type

The colors were already provided, all i did was brighten them up a bit, and the type choices were based on a need for legibility and practicality. I picked 3 only to make a more dynamic wordmark. the other 2 do all of the heavy lifting.


I had 2 obvious items to create. The bus, and the bus stop. from there the rest fell into place. The bus was a given but for a city as cold and windy as buffalo, there aren't nearly as many covered stops as there could be so I did one of those too.

The Map

I scavenged my original map from the college project which inspired this reboot. The original map was made to propose a few new subway lines to service more of buffalo. Only the green line exists in reality and stops where it crosses the red line. The idea behind this proposal was to reach neighborhood which have less services and could benefit most from efficient and easy to access pubic transportation.